FFA Degree Application Center

When you become a member of the Sauk Prairie FFA, your start on an exciting journey.  This journey includes learning a lot about the world and the industry of agriculture and natural resources through your agriculture classes.  It involves rolling up your sleeves and participating in the planning of chapter activities.  You can gain leadership experience by becoming a chapter officer or committee chairperson, by attending leadership workshops, and by participating in career and leadership development events.  You can earn cash and gain job training through your supervised agricultural experience.

Along the way, you will meet many FFA members who might be just like you or completely different, but you share enough in common that you will make a log of friends.  If you are an active FFA member and make the most of this journey, your success will be marked by several FFA degree.  Starting with the Discovery FFA Degree for eighth grade members and ending with the American FFA Degree for members who have graduated from high school.  The Sauk Prairie FFA offers five degrees for active members.


Discovery Degree:

Are you an eighth grade member?  Do you participate in chapter activities?  If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, you are well on your way to receiving the Discovery FFA Degree – the first of five degrees you can earn as an FFA Member.  Click [here] for the application.


Greenhand Degree:

For an FFA member in high school, receiving the Greenhand FFA Degree shows that you have opened the door to the many exciting opportunities that the National FFA Organization has to offer.  When you qualify for the Greenhand FFA Degree, you have earned the first of four degrees that build on each other, leading the way to the highest degree achievable in FFA, the American FFA Degree.  Click [here] for the application.


Chapter Degree:

Whether it is helping plan your chapter’s next activity, working hard on your supervised agricultural experience or discussing a motion during a chapter meeting, chapter involvement is vital to your future success in FFA.  Local FFA chapters are the heart of the National FFA Organization.  By receiving the Chapter FFA Degree, you demonstrate your role in your chapter’s growth and development.  Click [here] for the application.


State FFA Degree:

Like a high school diploma, the State FFA Degree celebrates your high school FFA career.  Awarded by your state FFA association, this degree is a symbol to the members of your entire state FFA association that you are a chapter leader.  As a a State FFA Degree recipient, you have taken your FFA involvement beyond the chapter level and have a successful supervised agricultural experience.  With  your State FFA Degree, you are one step away from achieving the highest degree attainable in FFA, the American FFA Degree.  Please log on to www.ffa.org and access the application through the “Application Center.”

American FFA Degree:

As the highest degree achievable in the National FFA Organization, the American FFA Degree shows an FFA member’s dedication to his or her chapter and state FFA association.  It demonstrates the effort FFA members apply toward their supervised agricultural experience and the outstanding leadership abilities and community involvement they exhibited throughout their FFA career.  American FFA Degree recipients show promise for the future and have gone above and beyond to achieve excellence.  Please log on to www.ffa.org and access the application through the “Application Center.”