Career Development Events (CDEs) are opportunities to develop skills today that you can use in your future career. With some help from your advisor, an experienced chapter member or a community volunteer, CDEs give you an opportunity to truly let your talents shine. Or, better yet, develop skills you didn’t even know you had.

Some career development events are team events, while others are individual events. No matter which type you decide to participate in, you will have to work hard and practice long because you are competing against other FFA members who, like you, are motivated to reach their highest potential. Plus, there’s the opportunity to advance to higher competitions.

This page is dedicated to providing FFA Students with resources to better prepare for Career Development Events. The events are designed to help prepare students for careers in agriculture. Classroom instruction comes alive as students demonstrate their skills in a competitive setting. CDEs test the abilities of individuals and teams in 23 major areas of agricultural instruction.

Here is a link for the full Wisconsin FFA CDE Website: WI FFA CDE’s

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