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Course #: 706

Length: 1 Trimester

Grade level: 10-12

Credit: 0.5

Recommended Course: None

This course involves an overview of the anatomy, genetics, nutrition, health, management and selection of various large animals that are raised for food purposes (Beef, sheep, poultry, and swine). Studies will also include meat science, breed identification, animal selection, and facility management. Students will learn the science behind the animal’s body systems through various weekly hands-on laboratory activities. The second portion of the class will focus on the growth and maintenance of various crop sciences. Planning of an 18 acre test plot will be included in this class.

Lab activities include: animal selection, meat identification, animal carcass evaluation, maintenance of production animals in the improved animal laboratory, formulating a feed ration, animal health research. A field study will also be included in this course and will involve a visit to Wyttenbach’s Meat Market, the USDA Dairy Forage Research Center, and a stop at a local swine farm.

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