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Course #: 708

Length: 1 Trimester

Grade level: 10-12

Credit: 0.5

Recommended Course: None

This course will look at the various aspects of wildlife species in Wisconsin and how we can manage these precious resources. Units that will be investigated include: careers, large game species, wildlife identification, hunting, trapping, DNR game laws, taxidermy, game birds, waterfowl small game species, and endangered species.

Lab activities include: taxidermy, antler scoring, track identification, habitat construction, animal hide identification, safe hunting practices, wildlife identification, duck decoy painting, a visit with a DNR Game Warden, and a potential field trip to Poynette DNR field station.

*Pending BOE and DPI approval in Spring of 2019, this course may meet High School Graduation requirements for Science in 2019-2020.

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