Agronomists are the crop doctors that producers rely on to help them produce high-yielding, healthy crops. Through this CDE, you and your teammates will be agronomists for a day. Given a scenario of an agronomy situation, as a team, you will need to develop an oral presentation and written plan that addresses the question presented. As an individual, you will need to determine crop quality and identify various weeds, crop plants, seeds and soils, along with insects, plant diseases, nutrient deficiencies or disorders

To better prepare you for the agronomy contest, we have put together a list of usable resources gathered from various FFA programs across the state and country. Simply click on the links below to explore and study!

UW-Platteville Agronomy CDE Rules

WI Agronomy CDE Rules

Weed Management – K-State

Agronomy CDE Materials – K-State

Weed ID – Rutgers

Horticultural Weeds – Mississippi

IPM Weed Identification – UC

Weed ID – U of Illinois

Grain Inspection Handbook – USDA GIPSA

Grain Grading Education & Outreach – USDA

Weed and Plant ID – Noble Foundation