Horticultural Learning Center

This is our current greenhouse that was constructed in 2005.  This facility was built as a partnership between the school district and the Sauk Prairie FFA Alumni & Supporters Organization.  The facility is 36′ x 48′ in size and has an automated sprinkler system, shade curtain and automatic ventilation system.  Currently we focus primarily on bedding plants and vegetable crops to sell, but are starting to work more with micro greens and hopefully raising produce for the school lunch program.  In 2020, the Sauk Prairie School District had a referendum passed and part of that includes relocating the greenhouse closer to the agriscience classroom.  This move will allow us to construct a 48′ x 60′ greenhouse that will have state of the art lighting with wireless automated control systems for both lighting and watering. Our agriscience program also helps to maintain planting beds on the school grounds as well as the courtyard in the middle of our building.